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Who we are

Our Family

This blessed piece of land belongs to Logothetis Family for more than 4 centuries.Our
family's legacy of artisanship and tradition was a gift to us and taking over came as a
natural consequence.We feel very privileged to be living in this unrivalled place and it
is an even greater pleasure for us to be able to offer you unique treasures directly from
our farm to  your kitchen at home !

Angela & Dionyssis Logothetis

Our Farm Terroir

Floating in the deep blue of the Mediterranean (Ionian) sea, off the western hellenic 
coastline,on the island of Zakynthos, our farm ''terroir'' is blessed with the perfect 
combination of elements which along with the optimum producing methods result in

unique artisan farm produce!!

Our Beliefs

-We do not inherit land from our parents, we borrow it from our children.
 management is a must for us and will allow us to give it back intact.

-Nature has its own ways of creation. We only work in order to retain a naturally
balanced environment helping nature to offer its gifts.

 -Nature has its own production capability.We gratefully only take what it will annually
produce without aiming at larger quantities!

Our Commitments

-Artisanship :Producing small quantities, we fill each bottle or jar with our produce,
using traditional methods and recipes.

-Science : We work on a solid scientific base, aiming to produce high quality food , 
combining tradional methods with the latest scientific approaches.

Our Vision

People consider themselves rich when they have alot of money.   
At Logothetis Organic Farm we measure wealth by the quality of food placed on our

We are a family living on our farm and wish to share with you the food  we place on

our table.

Let us make you richer in a better way !!
Let us make you richer in a healthier way!!


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